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Personalised Tutoring

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For School Years 2-12

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Over 210 Expert Tutors

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Here's why parents around Australia
are choosing Cluey Learning:

1. The Content

We map our content to the curriculum so it's aligned to exactly what your child is learning at school (including state-by-state variations) - this helps build confidence, reinforces what they're already learning and helps them prepare for exams.

2. The Tutors

We individually match your child based on their personality and learning needs with one of our 210+ patient and friendly tutors. All of our tutors go through a rigorous selection process and are subject matter experts who can maximise learning in a fun and interactive way.

3. The Approach

Every child is unique and every child learns in their own unique way. So, we use a personalised approach that allows your child to learn at their own speed - moving ahead in areas they excel at whilst giving the areas they're struggling with the focus they deserve.

4. The Quality

Our expert education team regularly reviews recorded sessions to help coach & develop our tutors. This ensures effective learning for your child - you don’t have to worry about a thing.

5. The Feedback

We send regular progress reports so you'll never need to wonder how your child is progressing and so you can give us feedback to help tailor our tutoring approach for your child.

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How Cluey Works

Rushing from school to a tutoring centre in the afternoons or early mornings isn't a great use of time.

So, we’ve made it easy for every family and have built an interactive learning platform so all the lessons can happen online from the comfort of home.

There's still a real tutor talking with the student live, in real-time with video, audio and a collaborative whiteboard - it's just way more convenient for the whole family. Plus, we record the session so it can be reviewed at any time.

Because our sessions are online you also don't need to worry about looking over the tutors shoulder - our education team does this for you, regularly reviewing sessions to continuously improve your child's learning experience.

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Here’s what parents around Australia
are saying about Cluey Learning:

"I love that you vetted a large number of applicants so I knew i'd get the most qualified tutor and better results"

"The first marker of success that I saw after the very first session was, no complaints. When I said it's time for tutoring the next time they said, "Okay, let's get on.". They both had worked with a local private tutor, but they hated it"

- Alli, parent of two Cluey students

"Truly a great option for Jess"

"Maths is a difficult subject for Jess as she has dyslexia and there are gaps in her learning. It is comforting to know that we can get support in bringing Jessie's schooling back to a successful situation. I highly recommend Cluey Learning if your child needs Tutoring Support, the Staff are professional, friendly and the online option is truly a great option for Jess."

- Jayne, parent of Year 11 Maths student

"She can’t stop talking about it!"

"Our 10 year old started tutoring with Cluey this past week, and she absolutely loves it. Lauren totally rocks. Our daughter normally struggles to sit still and focus, and often says she ‘can’t do’ something, even when we know she can. But she can’t stop talking about it, looking forward to the ongoing sessions with you guys."

- Rob, parent of Year 5 English student

"My son's actually excited about doing this now!"

"So happy with the program so far! Casey (tutor) exceeded all of our expectations - she is very easy to understand and follow ... I am not a great tech wiz but the program is so easy to follow and quite intuitive - you can't go wrong! VERY happy. My son's actually excited about doing this now!"

- Florence, parent of Year 6 Maths student

"She is feeling so much more confident with Maths"

"She is feeling so much more confident with Maths and is in fact ahead of her class in her current subject. Not only that, but her marks have improved an incredible amount and she received 100% on her last exam. We would like to thank Ali for the work he has done with her and thank Cluey for a great program and such friendly service. Before she enrolled she received 27%."

- Kristy, parent of Year 12 Maths student

"Afterwards he couldn't stop talking about it"

"He was sulking prior to, not wanting to go ahead with it, but afterwards he couldn't stop talking about it. And he adores his tutor and said that most schools need to take a good look at themselves, because teachers needed to teach like that! So we are thrilled. Brilliant company!"

- Dianne

"His confidence has improved drastically"

"He loved his first lesson - you could really see that look in his eyes that he got it and I can already see that his confidence has improved drastically and is filtering to other subjects at school"

- Alexandra, parent of Year 7 English student

"The tutors are nothing short of fantastic"

"My two youngest have a session each week and not only has it helped them academically they also feel more confident and look forward to their sessions. The tutors are nothing short of fantastic. Highly recommend Cluey."

- Laine MacDonald

"She is always keen to hop on and learn"

"We had concerns about how we would get her to sit at the computer and be disciplined enough to do her tutoring each week, but due to the tutors enthusiasm and dedication she is always keen to hop on and learn which is fabulous!!! It is showing in her work as in her latest report from school she received an A grading in English and a B grade in Mathematics. These skills have also filtered through to her other subjects also."

- Lexie, parent of Year 5 student

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As Featured In:

REVIEW: Online Tutoring with Cluey Learning Gets an A with Both Parents and Kids

Considering a tutor for your child? Before you post an ad on your local Facebook community page, consider thinking outside the standard educational box with Cluey Learning.

Mum Central recently asked a team of mums and kids to give Cluey Learning online tutoring a go. The service provides a unique, affordable and personal way to connect your child to the part of the curriculum giving them a hard time.

Our reviewers hailed from different states, with kids of different ages. But they all had one thing in common – the desire to help their children succeed in school.

How Cluey Learning can help

The Cluey Learning program is simple – first Cluey Learning matches a Maths or English tutor to your child through their extensive database (chemistry tuition is available too for those in secondary school). You don’t have to go anywhere to connect to the tutor – the 60 minute sessions are done via Cluey’s online learning platform.

It’s convenient, easy to use, affordable and comfortable for both parents and students, aged 8 to 17. And kids LOVE the online tools, such as real-time video and the interactive whiteboard. But what did our reviewers think of the service?

100% would recommend Cluey Learning to friends: 

“It was easy to use and more fun than normal school because there were no people messing around. You actually learn stuff. I never get one-on-one time with my teacher at school like that.” – Isobel, Grade 5

“I feel in the classroom situation, my son wouldn’t have grasped the information quite as well as he did in his tutoring session.” – Maree, mum of Elijah, Grade 3

Not all children learn in the same way. Many kids will need a little bit of extra assistance or a different approach to being taught. This is what makes Cluey Learning stand out – they have the ability to cater to your child’s learning patterns so you can rest assured knowing they are understanding it. And that they are moving forward in their learning.

Even if your child has a hard time concentrating in class, prefers a more visual approach or works at a slower pace, the tutors at Cluey Learning can cater to these individual learning requirements.

Why Kids Love Cluey Learning: 

“It’s not just for kids who are struggling, it’s also great for kids who are doing well in school just to consolidate what they are learning. The maths session really helped cement Isobel’s knowledge of what she had been taught in class. She really liked that there were no “annoying boys” mucking around and distracting the other kids and the teacher, which she says is often a problem in her classroom.” – Nikki, mum of Isobel, Grade 5

It was easy to understand Nathan and he was very helpful if you got something wrong. The way you could see what they were doing on the same screen as you was very good and helped you understand what they were showing you.” Isobel, Grade 5

Here’s a typical online tutoring session – the child can see the tutor face to face while working through the lesson.

“Josh was great. He gave Brit some good advice and different ways to do things that helped her understand English grammar.” Deanne, mum of Brittany, Grade 11

“The tutor is very personable and truly engages my daughter in her lessons.” – Monique, mum of Julia, Grade 3

“I found it easy to set up for him and think we probably got better results with my son doing the tutoring session in his own environment.” – Maree, mum of Elijah, Grade 3

“Our experience was great, easy to log on, their email notifications and reminders are fantastic to get your prepared for your session. A wonderful safe, quick way to get someone homework done.” – Deanne, mum of Brittany, Year 11

Cluey Learning review

The results are in: Cluey Learning gets an A in tutoring: 

Whether you’re looking for a tutor to help your child brush up or ace a ATAR score, consider Cluey Learning. Simply fill in a few details and you’re on your way to getting a personalised tutor without the high costs or complications.

I have signed her up for 3 more lessons. My daughter is enjoying the one-on-one support of her tutor. She is engaged and excited about the lessons.” – Deanne, mum of Brittany, Year 11

NSM Review: The clever new way for kids to learn online

Parenting is delightful stuff, but being a mum also comes with an overwhelming sense of responsibility for making sure your little one has the best start in life- and that includes their education. Bianka Ford tests out Cluey Learning, a ‘safety net’ online tutor service that can identify any gaps in their understanding of classwork, before it becomes a bigger problem.

No matter how bright or studious your child is, it’s easy for them to misunderstand a simple concept in the early years at school, say in Year 8 maths, which then compounds over the years until it’s an HSC-sized problem in Year 12. And while of course the school teacher can help, they have a whole class to contend with, and even a one-on-one tutor can be tricky to organise, not to mention finding the right personality to match your child’s learning style.

So what’s the solution? Well, enter Cluey Learning! Cluey is an online tutor portal that connects your child to a one-on-one real-life tutor. Here’s how it works:

Cluey Learning’s expert content team and educators hard at work on the job!

So much planning and knowledge goes into the Cluey Learning program

Cluey Learning: The Road Test

Our family took Cluey for a trial run, and from the start I felt comfortable and supported. Michael gave me a call ahead of the first session to get background on my son so the best tutor could be matched to his tutorial. Cluey’s operators made sure we knew how to check our connection, webcam and mic were correctly working so that technical issues wouldn’t interfere with our session. Clever!

Our goal: For us, rather than a specific issue, we wanted to check that my son’s mid-year change in schools (which also meant changing teachers and curriculum) didn’t leave him with any gaps in his foundational knowledge.

We wanted to check my son’s change in schools didn’t leave any gaps in his knowledge

The Cluey Learning set up showing our tutor Clarissa mid-lesson

How Does It Work?

We logged into the session 15 minutes early for a welcome screen and to discover a Whiteboard space, which is like the blank canvas (or digital piece of paper!) where the student works. I’m unnaturally excited, while my son has found a way to use to the tools to draw a Pokeball, naturally. Like most of our kids growing up with technology, he is very at ease with the process and working online. I mean hey, he might be learning, but he’s still getting screentime so it’s a win as far as he’s concerned!

Working with the Whiteboard interface, which has easy-to-use tools

Clarissa ran through some basic sets of questions to gauge where any weaknesses might be

The Cluey Learning Session

At the appointed time of 4:30 on the dot, our tutor Clarissa pops up on our screen, in exactly the way a Facetime call appears (each of you with a view of the other). She’s about the age of a University student, she’s polite, obviously very intelligent and has a great connection with kids. She starts with some questions to put us at ease then gets cracking with the lessons listed on an onscreen panel.

First we master to the tools, which are the Whiteboard space (with standards like pen tool, text tool etc) and an excellent upload tool to upload homework or a video of an issue that needs help.

We then work through some basic math problems so Clarissa can see where my son’s learning is up to. As a parent, it’s hard to bit my tongue when I see that he’s doing something incorrectly, but letting the trained expert on the other side of the screen do it her way, yielded better results!

As the session comes to an end, the timer on the screen lets you know it’s time for reflection. We were able to see that we now had an excellent idea of my son’s situation, and what strengths and weaknesses to focus on in the next session to best support and improve his learning.

Mum’s Verdict:

I would confidently recommend Cluey Learning to my friends. The session with the Cluey tutor gave me the peace of mind that he was on track with his learning, but also showed me that some topics  need to be explained in a different way for him to fully grasp the concepts, which Clarissa handled perfectly.

Student’s Verdict:

“I think it went pretty good, I like it. I like how she could just talk to me and make questions appear. I like how you can draw and use text features. I think it would help with school because it starts easy and then gets a little harder. Can I do it again?”

The verdict from our test subject was clear: “Can I do it again?”

My Son Came Home Crying His Eyes Out

My Son Came Home Crying His Eyes Out

Just before the school holidays ended, my eldest boy jumped in my car after school and just burst into tears….  As his brother was with him, I knew better than to ask him what was wrong in the car…. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight.  It was a long five-minute drive home hearing him sob quietly in the back seat.

My Son Came Home Crying His Eyes Out | Stay at Home Mum

When you have a child on the spectrum, you know how they tick and what will work when you need them to talk to you.  When we got home, I took him aside, found a nice quiet spot where we wouldn’t be interrupted by sticky beaks (ie his younger brother), sat down, and I held his hands in mine until he was ready to talk.  It took awhile.

“Mummmmmm’…… his bottom lip quivered.   ‘You’re going to be mad….’ Oh God, I was thinking to myself, what has he done!

‘I only got 60% on my maths test’…..He broke down and wailed…

I had to kinda hide my grin… I wasn’t mad, I never get mad at school results.  You see, I want my kids to do great at school, but I value their mental health first and foremost.  But this was obviously affecting him so badly he was a mess.

I knew he needed help – help I couldn’t give him.  I have TRIED sooo hard on many occasions to teach my kids maths.  I love math – it is so logical.  But knowing how to do maths in your head, and actually having to explain it to a child is a whole other thing……  Plus I have zero patience….  Yes, I have lost my shit trying to teach my kids math.  Guilty.

He just needed a bit of help to get him back up to speed.  He understood most of the concepts of maths, just not how to put it together as a whole. Not only would this be good for his school grades, most of all, it will give him confidence.

I needed outside help, someone who would be patient, but firm.  It had to be online (because I live rurally – I can’t expect someone to tackle my driveway to get here).  They had to be reputable and stick to the syllabus… but most of all, they have to be kind.

Cluey Learning | Stay at Home Mum

Where I Found the Perfect Person To Help Him

I approached Cluey Learning.  It had amazing reviews online and really focused on matching the right tutor to the right child.  And I’m not being precious about ‘My Kid’, but he really does need someone that understands ASD, his learning style and how to get the best out of him.  They really understand the pressure that is on kids to try and keep up with the rest of the class. Plus it is one-on-one.  Other tutoring services in the past we have used had multiple students at the same time, and that didn’t work for us…. We needed that personalisation. We also wanted that privacy that one-on-one tutoring offers as my son is really shy with people he doesn’t know.

All Cluey Learning’s tutors are qualified and have a track record of helping their students to achieve their learning goals.  The tutors aren’t just superbly qualified, they also offer a holistic view of the student’s progress so the students know exactly what has been covered, what requires revision and what will be covered in the next lesson.

How My Son’s First Lesson Went

Before the lesson, Cluey called me to find about my son, his strengths, his weaknesses, his personality.  What makes him tick.  They did this to ensure they matched him to the perfect Tutor for him.  The fact he was on the spectrum was no problem at all.

We were matched with a lovely fellow called Dale.  He was patient and encouraging, but most importantly, he pushed his limits (in a good way!).  When my son blitzed through the first part, he automatically stepped up the lesson to find out where the problem lay.  Then he went through it via a ‘Learning by Play’ manner.  My son loves maps and treasure hunts – and Dale used this way to make the learning fun.  As he finished his lesson early, Dale then asked him about other problems he was having with Maths, and he went through them, things like Fractions (urghhhh) and Times Tables.

My Take on the Lesson

I love how they fitted the perfect Tutor to my son, I loved the interactiveness and the positivity.  My son didn’t feel ‘defeated’ at the end of the lesson, he felt ’empowered’.  I even learned a thing or two (it has been a long long time since I’ve done fractions!).

The one-on-one learning is such a good fit for us, we aren’t waiting for other kids to finish or for the teacher to ‘come back’ after they have finished with someone else.

Cluey Learning | Stay at Home Mum

About Cluey

Cluey offer one-on-one online tutoring for kids aged from 8-18 in grades 3-12.

They don’t just Tutor for Maths….they also cover English and Chemistry.

My son’s biggest maths challenge was statistics and probability.  Gah I remember having trouble with that myself at school!  It can be really tough to get your head around it all. So when I go onto the Cluey website, I chose the state we are in (Queensland), and then what subject we are having trouble in (Maths), then what aspect of Math is the trouble – and Statistics is right there!  Best thing is – they tell you how many lessons that program will take – so for my son, it says that on average it will take 4 – 8 sessions to get him up to speed on that topic!

I like that as I know there are goals in mind that they can work towards.  This also makes it affordable for parents that can’t afford ongoing tutoring fees, but they can concentrate on a particular problem, and know exactly what they will be in for.

Cluey | Stay at Home Mum

They Scheduled Lessons That Worked for Me

Another thing I really liked is that they would work around my schedule…. I’m a busy Mum, like all of you are.  I need the lesson to work around karate, my work, music lessons etc.  And they do that.  Phew.

My Son Came Home Crying His Eyes Out

Edtech raises $20 million for platform transforming tutoring — less than a year after go live


Edtech startup Cluey Learning has raised $20 million in Series A funding, to scale its personalised and data-driven learning technology designed to reimagine after-school tutoring.

The oversubscribed round was led by Allectus Capital and the Thorney Investment Group.

Cluey was founded, rather unusually, by Quartet Ventures, the investment firm of Sam Linz, Robert Gavshon and Mark Rohald, who is also chief executive of the startup.

Quartet provided initial anchor capital, and is also a repeat investors in this latest round.

“In the world we live in today, there is no better way to give confidence to outside investors,” Rohald tells StartupSmart.

The Cluey team started building out the strategy about 20 months ago, and went live with fee-paying customers in July 2018.

Although Rohald doesn’t reveal any specific user numbers, he does say the startup has seen “extensive demand”, including from more varied age groups and socioeconomic brackets than the founder expected.

“Individual children have individual learning needs,” Rohald explains.

Combining tutor contact with digital learning content, examples and practice exercises is intended to empower students to learn in the way most suited to them, and regardless of where they’re located.

“It’s a much more robust service,” he adds.

Powering up

According to Rohald, Cluey is now at a point where it’s preparing to scale.

The startup will be building out automated systems and processes using data analytics and artificial intelligence.

“We need to invest more heavily in deeper technology and learning content,” the founder says.

This funding will go towards “building out the platforms that enable us to optimise the learning for students”.

Cluey will also build on its academic team, to ensure quality control can scale as the rest of the business does.

This is a particularly exciting time to be growing an edtech startup, as interest in technology in this sector grows, Rohald says.

“But it’s unusual to see a level of investment required as substantial as ours, at such an early stage.”

Cluey had a significant initial investment committed from Quartet, and “scaled much more quickly than anticipated”, he adds.

“We needed to raise a substantial amount to really power the business.”

The round was oversubscribed, and so the startup selected two “very strong lead investors”, with different skill sets, but that were both focused on technology development.

Internally and on its advisory board, Cluey has “sufficient education knowledge”, Rohald says.

The challenge for this startup — and where Allectus Capital and the Thorney Investment Group can really add value — will be “how do we really scale at a phenomenal rate and maintain quality?”

“Gut is good, but data is better”

Having approached the investment process from both sides of the fence, Rohald is well placed to offer a few words of advice to other prospective founders.

First, “you need to have a very clearly articulated plan, and the plan must be supported with data”, he says.

Raising off the back of a hypothesis alone is “extremely difficult”, he says.

Even if you feel you have a great idea, spend the time, effort and money on doing market research to validate it. Consider the size of the market, the segment of that market you feel you can reach, and how long it will take you to reach them.

“It might not be easy to get that information, especially with a new product or service,” Rohald warns.

“But you can’t guess … You need to have fact,” he adds.

“Gut is good, but data is better.”

Second, Rohald advises if you can afford to, find a professional advisor to support your startup through the fundraising process.

This should be someone who has had experience in raising capital, and startups should look into, and talk to, the startups they have worked with in the past.

There are many advisors out there that will “promise the world”, Rohald says.

“You need to do your homework to make sure they’re the right fit.”

However, a good one can prove an invaluable helping hand when you’re trying to raise capital for an early-stage business.

The fundraising process is “like trying to change the engines and refuel the jet, while your flying with passengers”, he adds.

“This is a tension that exists with every chief executive … [an advisor] gives you a chance to continue running the business.”